Police on hunt for man who looks a lot like Ross from Friends

Blackpool Police/ Tibrina Hobson/ Getty Images/ Twitter

This is probably the most unlikely description of a suspect that you'll ever read, but a man barring a resemblance to 'Ross from Friends' is wanted by Blackpool Police.

That's right a Ross Geller lookalike - or, should we say, David Schwimmer lookalike - is wanted in connection with a theft from a Blackpool-based restaurant on 20 September.

Almost as soon as this CCTV picture was posted of the man, everyone began to notice his striking resemblance to the 51-year-old actor who starred in Friends between 1994 and 2004.

Just looking at the headlines that news outlets have published are hilarious.

People have noticed that it could actually be Ross's evil Doppelganger, Russ!

A lot of the responses on Facebook were full of obscure Friends references.

Fellow actor Greg Grunberg asked what had caused Schwimmer to turn to a life of crime.

Olympic gold medalist Samantha Quek asked if Schwimmer was in town to see Blackpool's best attraction.

Thankfully, for Schwimmer, Blackpool Police investigated his whereabouts on the date and confirmed that he was not in Lancashire.

At least David Schwimmer can sleep safely now that he knows the police aren't looking for him.

Although it was all fun and jokes, the man in question is still yet to be caught, but the beauty of a viral post like this is that it might actually help the police identify the alleged thief quicker.

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