Russia is trolling the West with these political chocolate biscuits


With the ceasefire in Ukraine looking increasingly fraught and a small fleet of warplanes having been escorted away from the Cornish coast, it's fair to say relations between Russia and the West have been tense this week.

To add to the animosity, Russian confectionary firm Confael has made some seemingly tongue-in-cheek "propaganda biscuits" to poke fun at the West.


Released to coincide with Women's Day celebrations, the Soviet-style selection packs feature slogans like "For Western currency we have no need/A golden rouble - at full speed!" and "Don't mouth off, gentlefolk dear/That Obama's bound to hear!", according to the BBC.

Another box reportedly features a picture of president Vladimir Putin in a pair of sunglasses under the phrase "To be king, when all are 'ifs' and 'buts'/You need a pair of rock-hard nuts".

We wait with anticipation to see what McVitie's, Cadbury's or Fox's will hit back with.

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