Man opens buried safe after five years of anticipation - and what he found was totally unexpected
Photo courtesy of @ChristiaanVanV/Twitter

An Australian man found a locked safe and vowed not to open it for five years. When he did, what he found was completely unexpected.

Christiaan Van Vuuren, who goes by @ChristiaanVanV on Twitter, posted a photo of his friend, Pat Stevenson’s discovery.

“A friend of mine found a locked safe buried underground 5 years ago,” Vuuren’s caption began.

”For 5 years there has been anticipation over what might be inside it, “he continued, in part.

Stevenson finally decided to take a look inside the safe, and he found something quite interesting— a branded condom from the 2002 film xXx starring Vin Diesel.

Yes, you read that correctly.

People in the comments were quick to make puns at the discovery.

“You just ruined the best laid plans of some poor time traveller who understandably had no idea what was going on in 2002,” wrote a commenter.

“ My degree is in bird law, but I’m pretty sure once you bury treasure, it’s governed by maritime law which allows for finders keepers,” wrote another commenter.

Others shared the sentiments of having an XXX branded condom, jokingly wondering if they’re still good to use despite the fact that condoms lose effectiveness after the expiration date.

One onlooker showcased another branded condom they received from comedian Nick Offerman’s ”American Ham” condom.

When a commenter asked Stevenson why he waited for five years to open the safe, he hilariously quipped with the following: “Couldn’t be f****d.”

Check out what others had to say about the case of the branded condom.

The xXx film chronicles extreme sports athlete Xander Cage (Diesel) and his journey being recruited by the government for a mission.

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