A pressurised tube that launches salmon over a dam is the internet’s latest obsession.

In this year’s dark news cycle, the newest meme to capture social media's imagination is a “cannon” designed to help transport migratory fish between bodies of water.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it over the weekend, you can watch it below:

The cannon, created by the aptly-named Whoossh Innovations, has been in use since 2011 to help salmon who have struggled to get around hydroelectric dams.

Here’s John Oliver talking about it on Last Week Tonight in 2014:

But for whatever reason, the salmon cannon feels perfectly suited to the absurd nihilism of 2019 - with many people wondering if life would be better inside the fish tube.

Some people would even risk their life to realise their dream of soaring through the air in the watery tube.

The fish tube shows what humans can achieve when we put aside our differences and work towards a common good.

HT: Twitter Moments

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