Saudi King's golden escalator got stuck and the mocking is relentless

YouTube / BBC News

We all hate it when air travel goes wrong - whether it be turbulence, delays or your golden escalator getting stuck...Wait, what?

Saudi Arabia's King Salman takes luxury travel to another level with a customised contraption that not only allows him to forgo walking but also lets him descend from his plane on literal gold.

If you depart your jet on a golden escalator, expect all eyes to be on you. And for them to widen in hysteria if it goes wrong.

The 81-year-old royal's elaborate descent came to a hilarious, jarring halt as he departed his plane in Russia last week and the escalator malfunctioned.

After a long hesitation, the poor guy was eventually forced to walk down the steps. Hopefully he takes some comfort in that it was still a gilded staircase.

Twitter could not stop laughing.

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