Smooth-talking man on TikTok convinces scam callers he’s with the CIA so they hang up

A man has found a brilliant way of getting rid of annoying scam phone callers, after convincing a con artist that he was with the CIA.

In a viral video, posted by TikTok user @1roy_jr and captioned “CIA Fraud Division Coming to a dial tone near you”, Roy L Baker showed how he deals with nuisance calls.

At the start of the clip, he received a call from a “spam risk” number but decided to answer anyway and have a bit of fun.

When he picked up the phone, he pretended to be from the non-existent CIA fraud department.

Baker told the scammer: “Hello. Thank you for calling the CIA. You’ve reached our Scam and Fraud Division. All of our agents are currently assisting other callers.

“To further assist you, please hold while we download your incoming and outgoing call logs to be analysed against our database of known scam and fraud operations.

“An agent will be with you shortly.”

The caller on the other end of the line quickly hung up the phone. To which Baker said: “That’s what I thought.”

The post has been viewed 9.3 million times and has over 2.1 million likes as many people have said they’re going to try it.

Others told Baker he should make it a downloadable sound for people to play to scam callers.

One person wrote: “I would pay for this to be added to my voicemail box.”

Another viewer replied: “Make this as a separate sound so we can play this when someone calls.”

Since the start of the pandemic, scam callers have been using it and the vaccination rollout to prey on people and gain access to their personal information.

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