<p>George Pointon’s pupils were keen to share their ‘world president’ ambitions</p>

George Pointon’s pupils were keen to share their ‘world president’ ambitions

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We all know little children have incredible imaginations, so one primary school teacher decided to put them to the test.

He wanted to know what his Year 1 pupils (aged five to six) would do if they had the ultimate power: to rule the entire Earth.

Predictably, they all had a lot of ideas on how to improve the state of the planet, which their proud professor shared with Twitter.

George Pointon tweeted: "I asked my Year 1 classes "What would you do as president of the world?" Here is my analysis; A THREAD."

The kids’ replies and Pointon’s corresponding critiques made for hilarious reading, with his post garnering more than 32,500 likes and 8,500 retweets in less than three days.

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For each one, he set out the child’s suggestion, then scrutinised its pros and cons.

First up, Alice, who wants to see “sweets for breakfast every day.”

Here’s what Pointon had to say: “Right, obesity rates are through the roof. Heart disease. Over eating. Alice is taking none of this into consideration.

“The class cheered so she’s won the majority. She knows what works, and who knows, wine gums at 7am might be nice.”

Second, there’s Katie who wants to “build a house for her mum”.

“I know you’ve seen this and gone ‘aww’ but look deeper,” the teacher wrote.

“She’s the President of the WORLD and all she’s doing is building a house for her mum. I think it’s incredibly selfish. Also her mum drives a 21 plate Audi. Absolute sham. Greedy fatcats.”

The thread continues with Jack, who wants to live in London’s Big Ben (like “Quasimodo” according to Pointon); Toby, who wants to drink and eat chocolate; Emma, who wants to “help people with spelling”; Mikey, who wants to “get a PlayStation 5”; Ravi, who wants to “give everyone a pizza”; Rosie, who wants to put maths “in the bin”, and Wendy and Ben who both want to “stop the virus”.

It ends with Susanna’s despotic ambition to put her brother “in a big dungeon”.

“I’m surprised she’s using her power for evil but I suppose power does that,” Pointon conceded.

“However when I asked about the dungeon. It sounded more like a studio flat in London. All at the taxpayers expense may I add. WE’RE PAYING, WHAT A JOKE.”

Fellow Twitter users have shared their delight at the thread, and declared their own allegiances to the prospective rulers of the world:

All we can say is, any leader who imposed limitless chocolate, no maths and no more Covid, would be popular in our books.

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