Man receives brutal comeback after telling an astrophysicist to 'learn science'

Twitter is where you go to see some of the most epic burns in the history of burns.

Whether it's people shutting down Donald Trump or Ryan Reynolds trolling Hugh Jackman, it's always fun to see these one-liners play out.

For one of the best burns in the history of Twitter, allow us to take you back in time to August 15, 2016, and a response to a tweet about climate change posted by the astrophysicists, Katie Mack.

That's a fair enough assessment of the situation, which has only gotten worse in the years since Mack posted that tweet.

Still, somewhere from the depths of Twitter, a climate change denier emerged and to make that even more unbearable, it was a mansplainer who told her to "learn some actual science".

Gary Jackson, bless him, obviously didn't do much research into who Mack was before posting the comment, as he would have realised that an astrophysicist would have to know a thing or two about science.

Fortunately for Gary, Mack broke the news to him gently.

This legendary burn was so good it even prompted some hilarious reactions.

One for the ages...

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