Kilted Scotland fan does the worm on the Tube and leaves little to the imagination

Things literally went balls-up for one Scottish football fan this week, after his attempt at busting some dance moves on the Tube left other passengers with a rather unfortunate view.

In the video, the Tartan Army member, who is completely naked save for a green patterned kilt, can be seen psyching himself up before dancing in the aisle of the carriage, egged on by friends around him.

His chosen move was the worm, moving his whole body up and down like the creature. Another passenger is shown edging away from him as he does so – probably because it wasn’t just his chest and legs which were moving up and down.

The man, whose identity is unknown, was just one of many Scots who flocked to London to watch the Euro 2020 match between England and Scotland – despite them being warned not to travel without a ticket to the match given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The match itself was far less eventful than the Scotsman exposing himself on public transport, with the game ending in a disappointing 0-0 draw .

The viral clip wasn’t the only video to circulate online during the weekend, with another clip showing a fellow football fan – again topless (make it stop) – sliding face first down a wet Leicester Square.

The things people do for football…

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