'X-rated' photo of a sea slug has people doing a double-take

'X-rated' photo of a sea slug has people doing a double-take
Rare moment a sea slug is captured dancing in water

A man has captured the rare moment he saw a sea slug “dancing” in the water – but after the clip went viral, viewers are comparing it to something a little more X-rated.

Daniel Nicholson, 31, an underwater photographer, managed to capture the moment recently in Coral Bay, Western Australia.

A sea slug is often referred to as a 'Spanish Dancer' due to the way they move through the water.

Amazed by the creature, Daniel decided to share the video he captured on his Instagram, which shows the vibrant red sea slug elegantly moving its way through the water.

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But its rather unique appearance led to comments comparing it to “dancing bacon” and some rather more X-rated comparisons – including a labia and vulva.

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"We were just out for some fun when we noticed something colourful floating in the water," Daniel, who lives in Australia, told

"At first we thought it was garbage so stopped to try to take it out.

"When we got closer, we saw it was a Spanish Dancer, so I jumped in to photograph it.

"It was magical watching it dance through the water with the sun rays striking it.

"I know it is quite rare to see one moving in midwater like this, and not sitting on the bottom, so the whole experience was very special, the movements were just mesmerising."

The Instagram post garnered 379,000 likes and thousands of comments from viewers.

James Farr said: "Looks like floating pancetta!"

Tod Rexx said: "Dancing bacon? Now I've seen everything!"

Betsy Cunningham said: "I think I want to be that in my next life."

Meanwhile others had more X-rated thoughts.

Monolo Mora wrote: "Everything reminds me of her."

Jess Meza said: "What in the sea vulva."

Connor Fletcher said: "I should call her..."

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