Seagull stands on another seagull in mid-air in amazing viral footage

Greg Evans
Saturday 24 April 2021 14:33

Just when you think you’ve seen everything a seagull goes and literally hitches a ride on the back of another seagull.

Incredible footage that has been viewed more than 200,000 times on Twitter, shows a seagull getting a free ride off his mate who is flying through the air.

The nine-second clip was captured by @buitengebieden_ also known as Sander from the Netherlands.

Unfortunately for the seagull receiving the piggyback the rest bite didn’t last long as when the other bird moved it’s aired it was forced back to using its wings.

Oh well, was nice while it lasted.

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The viral video has since been shared more 3,500 times after being shared on Saturday morning and has prompted a flurry of amusing jokes in response.

Jokes aside, just what is going on here and is it a common occurrence?

Well, there doesn’t appear to be any research into this phenomenon but a viral picture from 2016 did capture a similar incident.

At the time Richard Major, the principal research scientist in terrestrial research at the Australian Museum told Mashable:

“They don’t look too enthusiastic, but it’s hard to tell what happens next from a still. It is most likely to be a preliminary to copulation or an attempt at such.”

Guess we’ll all just have to keep a beady eye on the next time you see a flock of seagulls to see if this thing happens again.