This seagull has stolen £300 worth of crisps from Tesco

This seagull has stolen £300 worth of crisps from Tesco
Shoplifting seagull pinches Mini Cheddars from Tesco

First of all, let's get it out there. Seagulls are terrifying. They're the ballsy aholes of the bird world that have no moral compass. You would think that we would be safe inside. Four walls and a ceiling; they can't get through that right? Wrong.

A seagull in Paignton, Devon has clocked on about how automatic doors work, and has stolen £300 pounds worth of crisps from a Tesco supermarket. He's so notorious in fact that the locals have even named him Steven.

Liam Brown managed to take a video of Steven the Seagull waiting for the automatic doors to open, before scurrying inside and re-emerging with a packet of Mini Cheddars. At least he's got taste.

Steven gets words of encouragement from Liam. "Go on lad", he laughs. "There's a f****** seagull in Tesco!"

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(Left) Steven sneaking into the Tesco store. (Right) Steven making a quick getaway carrying his stolen crisps of his choice.Liam Brown / The Mirror

According to the Mirror, Steven is known to enter the Tesco at least three times a day, and is estimated to have stolen at least 17g of food, although the real amount could be higher.

While he seems to like some cheeky Mini Cheddars or Monster Munch, Tangy Cheese Doritos are apparently his favourite.

He's so quick that he often manages to evade the workers at Tesco. "It's a common occurrence", said one member of staff.

"We have to shoo him away because we don’t want to lose the stock. We’re always keeping an eye out."

Maybe he deserves more credit though. Steven has also been seen sharing his stolen goods with another seagull on the roof of the building across the street. Sharing is caring. In fact, dare we say, maybe human society can learn something from Steven the Seagull?

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