Woman destroys slut shaming meme by sharing incredible story about her great-great-grandmother

Woman destroys slut shaming meme by sharing incredible story about her great-great-grandmother

A meme comparing selfies of today with portraits of the past has gone viral in recent weeks.

The 'joke' is in 80 years time, when children come across photos of their grandparents, they’ll apparently be shocked to find photos of people not wearing very much, in compromising poses.

Like this:

And this:

How... funny?

But one author and illustrator has shut everyone up with a little story of what happened to her a few years ago.

One Christmas the family were sitting at home going through old family photos.

They explain on their Tumblr:

See I’ve seen like 600 variations of this meme and I gotta tell you a Story.

The year is 2012.  It’s Christmas.  It’s the first year my sister and I are both home from college, and we’re feeling kind of nostalgic, so we take out the old family photo albums to remember everyone from times past.  We’re all on the couch or the floor with hot chocolate and the Dog is curled up under the tree.  It’s all very Norman Rockwell.

We’re going through my Mom’s side of the family, laughing at the pictures of Grandma putting wrapping paper on the dog, and grandpa pulling faces at the camera, when we find an old brown envelope.

And then they make a surprising discovery.

'The f*ck?' says my sister, because she’s been in to Great-Aunt Liz’s Rumballs, and I open the envelope. Inside are four tickets to the titanic, unused, and Mom tells us the story of how her ancestors ALMOST came over on the Titanic, but Great-Aunt Liz got the measles and forced everyone into quarantine, thus saving their lives.

And then, an even more surprising discovery.

The OTHER thing in the envelope are seven Photographs, dated 1890.  They are of my Great-Great Grandmother.

They are nudes.

They are NOT tasteful nudes.

Like, these are Violating-Terms-Of-Service-On-Most-Platforms- OBSCENE.

GGG had these taken waaaaay back in ye olden days, in order to convince her wayward husband to move back to England after he ditched her to party it up in Chicago.

I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW F*CKING HARD WE LAUGHED.  Like, I think I passed out I was laughing so hard.

So yes, people have ALWAYS been like this, and your nudes will make for a hilarious family Christmas someday.

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