Serbia’s Eurovision 2022 entry features peculiar lyrics about Meghan Markle

It’s that time of year again, and while Eurovision isn’t even happening until the weekend, it’s already providing us with some world class entertainment.

Fans are already reacting to a bizarre entry from Serbia which features an odd reference to Meghan Markle’s hair.

The Duchess of Sussex’s “deeply hydrated” hair gets a shoutout it in Serbian singer Konstrakta’s song Corpore Sano, and it just shows you should always expect the unexpected at the song contest.

The song title is Latin and translates as “In a healthy body”, and its lyrics are strange even by Eurovision’s high standards.

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It begins with the line “What could be the secret of Meghan Markle’s healthy hair?”

The singer then continues to perform a song littered with lyrics about how important it is to drink water and even pointing out the link between liver distress and circles under the eyes.

PZE22: Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano / Polufinale

“The artist is supposed to be healthy,” she continues in the chorus of the song, before adding: “God grant us health!”

The stage performance also features the singer washing her hands in a set made to resemble a beauty salon.

She spoke about the reference to Markle in the lyrics, saying: “Meghan Markle isn’t that important here, but she’s representative of all those people in the media that we’re focused on.

We did not expect The Duchess of Sussex to feature this yearEurovision/Getty

“She hasn’t contacted me yet, but I’d like for her to hear it! This is a song about the atmosphere in which we’re living, which has put health as the highest value.”

All very, very weird, but a welcome reminder of why we love Eurovision so much.

The second Eurovision semi-final takes place on Thursday, before the final on Saturday May 14.

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