An infamous Ukrainian time-traveller story has finally been explained

An infamous Ukrainian time-traveller story has finally been explained
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If there’s one thing we like on indy100, it’s a good time traveller story.

There’s been an influx of people on TikTok claiming to be from the future over recent times, but nothing will come close to the story of Sergei Ponomarenko for sheer weirdness.

In one of the most infamous cases of its kind, the story centers around a man who turned up in Kyiv, Ukraine back in 2006 claiming to be from years in the past.

He told authorities that he was born in 1932. He looked the part, carrying an old-fashioned camera and a dated outfit.

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The most compelling thing was that he held a Soviet document from the 1950s, which he claimed showed he was the age of 25.


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Ponomarenko then proceeded to show people pictures that he claimed he’d taken on his camera in Kyiv. After they’d been developed, authorities found that the images did indeed show Kyiv in the 50s, and they also showed him with an unnamed woman – as well as an image that Ponomarenko claimed showed a UFO.

The bizarre story took another turn when authorities looked back into the records and found a man by the same name who went missing in 1958. Strangely, they tracked down the man’s girlfriend who by that time was in her 70s. It turns out that the girlfriend was the woman in the photographs.

She then told authorities that Ponomarenko had disappeared for two years and then reappeared in the 50s. Not only that, but she then received a photograph showing him as an older man, with the picture purporting to have been taken in Kyiv in 2050.

It’s all kinds of weird, but the mystery might finally have been solved all these years later.

YouTuber Joe Scott has delved back into the case, and come up with an explanation that might put the whole incident to bed.

As Joe finds, the picture of Ponomarenko purportedly from 2050 Kyiv has been “cloned” and possibly includes the Empire State Building.

More compellingly, Joe also found that the photos were taken from the Ukrainian TV show Aliens. The show discusses the possibility of extraterrestrial life and is similar to the type of show you would see on The History Channel but according to Scott has a number of inaccuracies.

The Most Convincing Time Traveler

It was fun while it lasted, but it looks like the ‘time traveller’ has been busted.

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