Why scheduling sex is a good idea

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Pencilling in kinky time sounds the least kinky way about, but according to relationship experts, it could save your love life.

It's well known that couples who sleep together more often, stay together.

Regular intimacy is good for mind, body, and soul.

Finding a time that suits the two of you can be difficult, especially if you're holding onto the idea of spontaneity.

Lower those expectations, my friend.

Your life isn't a film, where your partner arrives, dripping from the rain, and you pounce on one another.

That'll happen to you in reality, maybe one and a half times. Maybe.

According to sex therapist Ian Kerner:

You have to stop saying 'we'll definitely do it tomorrow, but let's just cuddle as a symbol of our undying affection for each other tonight' and start scheduling sex on your calendar.

It's the only way you'll ever get back into doing it regularly.

It also doesn't need to be overwhelming.

While most people would like as much sex as they can get, a 2016 study found that couples who had sex more than once a week were no happier than ones who only did the deed once a week.

Work at it.

Another study found the couples who were most satisfied with their sex lives were the ones who accepted it takes hard work and effort to keep the flame alive.

The survey of 1,900 participants by the University of Toronto, also found that the least satisfied were those who thought that if their partner was 'truly right' for them, the good sex life would come about effortlessly.

So if you're organised, officious and over scheduled, take it the next level: Sync your Google calendars, embrace your anal side.

(Behave yourselves).

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