If you shared any of these things on Facebook this year, it's time to delete your account

If you shared any of these things on Facebook this year, it's time to delete your account
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The end of the year is a time for reflection. A time to think about self-improvement, and how to the learn from the mistakes you have made over the past twelve months.

This extends to social media as well. And boy, did 2016 feature a lot of mistakes; from fake news to terrible memes, we're all guilty of at least one social media faux pas.

Did you post any of these this year? If so, you might want to think about your online conduct.

Pictures of celebrities with unverified quotes on them

Picture: Snopes

Trump has said a lot of crazy things over the years, but he never said that. Sorry guys.

Any ‘satire’ site that you think is real

Picture: Southend News Network

We're so tired of satired stories.

Any unverified news story whipping up hatred

Picture: Facebook

Is it from an outlet you've never heard of? Does it sound too crazy to be true? Then it probably is.

Anything about Facebook charging, or making all your details public

Picture: Facebook

Seriously, how are people still falling for this in 2106?!

Anything relating to Harambe

May he rest in peace.

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

We're still not sure what this was all about.

Any post bemoaning ‘Millennial Snowflakes’

Picture: Pixabay

Grow up, grandpa.

Any news story about how Pokemon Go was going to destroy society

Picture: Venturebeat

Picture: Washington Post

Picture: Verge

Keep track of things on the Pokemon Go Death Tracker.


Seriously, can we just stop dabbing now?

Anything blaming 2016 for celebrity deaths

Saying things like "Damn you 2016!" is just silly and reductive.

Be Like Bill

Obvious art + brain-dead observations = 2016's worst meme.

Photos of this bus

We know, we know... We've known for a long time now.

Game of Thrones spoilers

Seriously, you are the worst.

So go forth, and let's make social media great again... Wait...

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