A few weeks ago, you might have seen some amazing footage of a huge bird carrying what appeared to be a small shark in its talons.

The incredible video was captured by a woman called Kelly Burbage on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and instantly went viral after it was shared by the Twitter account Tracking Sharks.

The video, which has now been viewed more than 29 million times on Twitter, made headline news across the globe but people still weren't entirely sure what they had seen.

Initially, people thought that it was some sort of huge eagle that had caught the fish but bird enthusiasts soon determined that it was actually an osprey but what did it have in its claws?

Well, unfortunately, it's not a shark but a Spanish mackerel. Another video of an Osprey with a mackerel, this time on Daytona Beach, Florida, shows that both the bird and the fish are big but not that big.

Tracking Sharks updated their story on the video a few weeks ago after speaking to an expert. They wrote:

Massachusetts Shark Researcher John Chisholm confirmed the bird is an osprey and its meal was not a shark, but a Spanish Mackerel.

In some way, we are quite glad to learn this as 2020 has been concerning enough and the last thing we want to be worried about is giant birds snatching sharks out of the ocean...

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