The name Oobah Butler will probably ring a bell for you.

He was the Vice journalist who turned his shed into a top rated restaurant on TripAdvisor.

The trick got him lots of TV appearances, and articles were written about him and how easily he managed to create the bogus restaurant.

Well, he’s at it again, but this time his goal is free stuff.

Particularly, the acquisition of free stuff. Butler decided to fake being friends with Russell Brand in order to turn himself into a social media “influencer”. He wrote about his journey to faux-stardom on Vice.

It was surprisingly easy.

First, he contacted his friend Ryan, who sort of, kind of looks like Russell Brand from far away if you squint.

Then, he bought the domain www.russellbrand.co, made an email for Brand’s fake PA ‘Ben Mather’, and sent off emails to prospective hotels.

One bit the bait and they set up a day where he could chill with fake Russell Brand.

Using stealth technology (sunglasses, shade), Butler managed to get to their hotel room without anyone realising that his friend wasn't Russell Brand. Then, he proceeded to take photos (which were carefully photoshopped with Brand’s face) and put it on his social media pages.

Here’s what he managed to blag his way into getting (before he received a cease and desist order from the real Russell Brand’s lawyer):

  • A day at an expensive hotel
  • Sex toys
  • Socks
  • A lot of pizza
  • VIP tickets to an O2 gig

What's that old adage? 'Trick me once, shame on you; trick me twice...'

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