Shein erasers have gone viral as they look exactly like sex toys

Shein erasers have gone viral as they look exactly like sex toys
Social media in shock over Shein's raunchy 'SXY' swimsuit

If you've been on TikTok in the past few days then you might have seen a video or two about Shein erasers because...well, they look like sex toys.

In case you aren't aware Shein is a Chinese fast fashion brand that operates worldwide but has become a sensation on TikTok where you can find thousands of reviews of their products which mostly consist of, yep, you guessed it clothes.

However, one item has caught people's attention which isn't an item of clothing at all. It's an eraser, like the ones you would have used in schools to rub out pencil marks. Except this doesn't like any old eraser that you would have found on the end of a pencil for instance.

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No, this eraser shall we say...far more phallic looking. In fact, it looks like a vibrator or a dildo and has led people to post reaction videos on TikTok after they saw what the item looked like.


they’re sold out (unfortunately)


Visit TikTok to discover videos!


Visit TikTok to discover videos!


The reviews make me think it’s not an actual eraser #fyp #shein #girlfriend #dating

In case you are wondering TikTok user @lindsayfirko1 has brought a Shein eraser and yes it does work but she does say in the comments that: "no, it doesn't vibrate."


1pc random color eraser $1.50 #shein #sheinreviewthatisntclothes #fyp #eraser

This doesn't appear to be an honest mistake because there is definitely a theme going on in a lot of their product designs.

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