Tinder launching new interactive ways to find love

If there's one thing we've all collectively learned from dating apps, it's what we don't want. And we have the people who point it out to thank for that.

Like TikTok user @minnie.madness who posted a video alerting the public to yet another overused pose in Tinder profiles: the hands-over-the-head-after-a-hike-post or as Minnie puts it, "Whatever this pose is."

In her video, Minnie shows what it's like to date in her thirties using a series of photos from men's Tinders. In each photo, the man is standing with their arms above their head as if they've recently conquered the world. Ironically most of the photos are from a hike.

While the photos flash on the screen an audio clip of Michael Scott from The Office talking about being single and dating plays.

Whatever this pose is. #tinder #bumble #hinge #xyzbca #minniemadness #dating #thirtiesontiktok #girls #men #CloseYourRings #RufflesOwnYourRidges


Whatever this pose is. #tinder #bumble #hinge #xyzbca #minniemadness #dating #thirtiesontiktok #girls #men #CloseYourRings #RufflesOwnYourRidges

Whatever this pose is. #tinder #bumble #hinge #xyzbca #minniemadness #dating #thirtiesontiktok #girls #men #CloseYourRings #RufflesOwnYourRidges

With over one million views the video has gained a lot of attention, making some people question whether the pose is that bad and others realize it's a huge turn-off.

An example of the pose in question iStock

Some users pointed out that the pose was far less alarming than posing with a fish - a widely criticized choice in profile photos.

"They put down the fish, now they don't know what to do with their hands," user @trailerparkwitch90 commented.

Other users had fun with Minnie's observation, one user named the pose, another referenced the song With Arms Wide Open by the band Creed.

Commenters had fun with Minnie's video cracking jokes and referencing CreedTIkTok

The moral of the story seems to be if you're a man who loves to pose With Arms Wide Open, perhaps think twice before using it as your Tinder photo. It doesn't seem to be sticking out as much as you thought it was.

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