Man tells his mother that he doesn’t 'give a s***' about his sister’s pregnancy

Man tells his mother that he doesn’t 'give a s***' about his sister’s pregnancy
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A man told his mother that he doesn't give a s*** about his sister's pregnancy because of the way his wife was treated- and people believe he's justified.

In a post anonymously uploaded to the sub-Reddit Am I The A**hole, the man in question, who is married to a bi-sexual woman, said his family is "heavily religious" and considers sexual orientations other than heterosexual "demonic."

He said that his wife, who was pretty close with his sister-in-law, decided to confide in her about her sexuality. But his sister-in-law assumed that his wife wanted to sleep with her.

"The rest of the siblings ganged up on us and started spreading all sorts of horrible rumours about my wife and [me], afterwards based on this cheating lie. It was a messed up situation, and we severed ties with everyone besides my parents because they were very accepting of my wife's sexuality," the man said.

The man also said that his parents tried to prevent the rumours from being spread, but the damage was already done.

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"My sisters never wanted my wife or me alone around their kids, even before we left the family. They thought we were bad influences because of our lifestyle - which was mainly being inclusive and accepting of people regardless of their religion, race, sexual orientation etc."

He further said that when they would try to visit their nieces or nephews, one of the parents would present to supervise, even if it was something as innocent as" kicking a soccer ball around in the backyard. "

Because his sisters didn't want him and his wife around their children, he decided to keep his distance and remain in communication with his parents.

In another part of the post, the man explained that he had got a text from his mother telling him that his sister was pregnant with her fourth child and that he should call her.

However, he told his mom that he wasn't interested in doing that because he doesn't communicate with his siblings. But she continued to push the idea.

"So I told her that I didn't give a s*** about my sister being pregnant because it'll just be one more kid, who I'm not allowed to be around. I said that they never wanted me or my wife around their kids when we were still involved with the family, so why should I congratulate them for something that I'm clearly cut out of," he said.

Evidently being hurt by these words, the mom told him that she felt she was "being an a**" about it regardless.

People took to this post's comments to express that they felt the man wasn't in the wrong about his feelings.

"Why does your mother expect you to be outwardly friendly to someone that has seriously burned your family? Sharing blood does not give you a pass to be horrible to others," one wrote.

"They decided to be rude, prejudiced, and nasty. You have no reason to be civil or want any part of their life; they made it clear they don't trust y'all," another added.

A third person believes that the man's mom is saddened by the situation and deserves some "slack" but still feels he's justified.

"Your sisters are just horrible. You have your own life to live, and I bet it's easier without them in it. That said, your mom is sad because the family she built is broken, and she can't do a thing about it. Cut her a little slack on how you react, but there's no reason to call your sisters," they wrote.

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