Sisters go viral after their TikTok is compared to a 'coming of age movie'

Sisters go viral after their TikTok is compared to a 'coming of age movie'

Sisters go viral after their TikTok is compared to a "coming of age movie"

@palmview956 / TikTok

A TikTok has gone viral after viewers called it a "coming of age movie" and joked that the girls featured in it should be "nominated for an Academy Award".

The video, originally uploaded to TikTok account @palmview956, which has since been removed and re-uploaded to the family's new account, has over 1 million views on TikTok.

The video starts with a young girl, Valentina, participating in the 'Get Unready With Me' trend, but as she starts one of her young sisters runs in asking for scissors and then runs out again. A few seconds later a scream is heard and the girl's two younger sisters run into her room, and you can see that one sister, Khaleesi, cut her sister, Camilla's, hair.

As the girls begin shouting, accusing one another of being in the wrong, Valentina tells them to be quiet after their mum can be heard off-camera asking if everything is okay. When the mum's suspicions are seemingly down, Valentina tells Khaleesi through her teeth "close the door now", whilst looking at Camilla's hair and trying to salvage it.

"Tomorrow's picture day!" Camilla says, before Khaleesi hands her the cut piece of her.

Valentina scolds them saying, "why are you laughing! I told you not to do anything stupid!" She then proceeds to search 'how to cut bangs', attempting to rectify the situation as all eldest sisters do. However, not before the youngest daughter comes running in saying "ooh you're in trouble!" Valentina however manages to buy the youngest girl's silence with... a cookie.

Valentina manages to cut some bangs that look great, which Camilla initially agrees with until saying "what have you done to my life".

Eventually the mum walks in demanding to know what is going on. The sisters are all giggling trying to insist that it is nothing, until they eventually give in and show the new haircut. They try and blame it on one another, until Camilla is demanded by her mother to show her dad her hair, to which Valentina says to the camera "pray for them," before ending the video.


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The eventful five-minute TikTok has gone viral after Twitter/X account @kingbealestreet, posted the video with the caption "this is literally a coming of age movie". The tweet has been viewed over 100 million times.

Some called it "cinema", others compared it to Louisa May Alcott's famous novel 'Little Women', which follows four sisters.

Other elder sisters also attested to this being a key part of the experience.

Even Halle Berry loved the video:

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