Cats go bug-hunting after spotting mosquito in the house

When it comes to renovating an old house, new residents never know what they might uncover - and one family certainly got a fright and a laugh thanks to what a previous resident left behind.

TikToker Kaleigh (@kzwpg) has lived at her home in Winnipeg, Canada for the past six years and decided to redecorate the place and filmed the moment her bathroom mirror and panel were removed by her father.

It was then they hilariously discovered a skeleton peeking through the gap in the wall.

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"I’ve lived here for 6 years and this skeleton has been watching me from behind the bathroom mirror this whole time. My mom’s cackle might be the best part," Kaleigh wrote in the post caption.

But it was just your average skeleton - as this one was rocking the double denim look.


I’ve lived here for 6 years and this skeleton has been watching me from behind the bathroom mirror this whole time 😱😂 My mom’s cackle might be the best part #winnipeg #stboniface #homerenos

Taking a closer look at the secret lodger, Kaleigh's mother spotted a note in the skeleton's shirt pocket.

"There's a note," her mum said. "Oh my God, that's hilarious."

Her dad then proceeded to take the note out of the pocket to see what was said, and the note read: "Boo! Ha ha, did I scare you? Jason Lane, 2013."

The whole thing was a part of a hilarious joke created by the previous resident, Jason Lane.

Since posting the humorous prank, Kaleigh's video has received 4.8m views, 525,000 along with thousands of comments from people who found the stunt entertaining.

One person said: "This is such a cool idea."

"World hide and seek champion," another person joked.

Someone else added: "They [previous residents] definitely had a sense of humor."

"WOW the dedication to do a prank that would only be revealed years later," a fourth person replied.

Though others found some information that was scarier than the skeleton - how long it's been since 2013.

One person said: "I think 2013 being 9 YEARS AGO is scarier

"Do NOT tell me 2013 was 9 years ago," another person wrote.

Meanwhile, a person who claimed to be Lane's brother left a comment and gave further context about the property prank - "Jason is my brother. lol. this was our great grandpa's house then Jason bought it and did the renovation before he moved to BC."

Kaleigh also mentioned in the comments section that there was also a flash drive in the skeleton's back pocket with photos of her house when it was owned by Lane's grandfather.

In a follow-up TikTok, she posted these images before she carried out her renovations.


Some photos from the skeleton’s wallet flash drive, and a few of my before and afters. Still a work in progress! #winnipeg #homerenos

And the TikTok also included a photo of the skeleton "before his time in the wall."

Props to Lane for what perhaps is one of the most committed pranks.

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