'Sky in your gallery' meaning explained as Instagram trend goes viral

'Sky in your gallery' meaning explained as Instagram trend goes viral

A new wholesome Instagram Story trend is circulating online, bringing some much-needed light to social media feeds.

It involves sharing a random photo of a sky or sunset from your photo gallery, and it's already proving popular online.

"Absolutely loving this trend of 'a sky in your gallery' on Instagram because everyone is posting stories with beautiful skies," one wrote, while another added: "The ''sky in your gallery'' thing on Instagram is the only one that I won't mind seeing an influx of. Show me the pretty sunsets!!!!"

It's incredibly simple to take part, all you need to do is:

  • Find a user who has shared the 'A sky in your gallery' sticker
  • Click it
  • Upload your own photo and share to Instagram Story

It comes after Instagram Wrapped made rounds online, a third-party app that reportedly rounds up users' activity on the app.

Wrapped alleges that some of the data it will present you with includes how many people screenshot your posts, how many users have blocked you, and who you interacted the most with.

Despite these claims, there is increasing scepticism that the results given to users are accurate. Meta - Instagram's parent company - has a strict policy against revealing any details regarding its users. And Instagram doesn't show who visited your profile.

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