Bartender gets paid thousands to slap Spring Break students

Bartender gets paid thousands to slap Spring Break students

A South Florida bartender has been raking it in during Spring Break for slapping partygoers.

You heard that right... Aiyana Callas, 26, has become an internet star for her unique offerings at Backyard Fort Lauderdale, charging $30 for her famed Hurricane Shot. Prices vary from $20 to $60 depending on the chosen routine.

In return, Spring Breakers receive a shot, a bucket of water poured over their heads and a slap to the face.

Callas, who goes by her alter-ego 'Hurricane Aiyana' online, averages around 150 to 200 shots sold a night, with one of her best-selling nights raking in a staggering $6,000.

"I am 100 per cent a performer at best and I’m really good at making it look like I’m slapping them as hard as I can. But I am absolutely not slapping them as hard as I can," she told Axios, adding that there's always consent and it's always carried out safely.

Callas has become so successful with her moves that she now has her own entertainment company where she accepts bookings for private parties.

Spring Break itself dates back to 1934 when swimming coach Sam Ingram travelled with his students to South Florida to train in a warmer setting. It soon became a hotspot, and they started an annual swim meet there.

When Glendon Swarthout's 1958 novel Unholy Spring (Where the Boys Are) was released, it was the start of what we now know as Spring Break.

It followed a lecturer who followed a group of students to Fort Lauderdale during Easter to observe the activities he'd heard about. The book was later adapted into a film two years later.

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