Someone actually sent a hook-up request to Doncaster Council

Photo: iSTOCK / People Images / Twitter / @MyDoncaster
Photo: iSTOCK / People Images / Twitter / @MyDoncaster

There’s nothing worse than accidentally messaging the wrong person – especially when that message is a hook-up request and that wrong person is an entire local council.

Earlier this week, Doncaster Council tweeted a screenshot of the hilarious exchange with an enthusiastic admirer, as well as its kind-hearted response:

It’s kind of you to offer but, you know, we’re a Metropolitan Borough Council providing the majority of local government services in Doncaster.

A series of witty exchanges then followed, with the council’s official Twitter account tweeting out various tongue-in-cheek responses to the inevitable jokes that followed.

And, just in case you wanted to know - no, they didn't swipe right.

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