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It's been snowing across the UK.

This isn’t exactly a common occurrence, and people have taken the opportunity to frolic and have a great time.

In Newcastle, someone built a lovely snow woman called Brenda.

They even kitted her up with glasses, silver buttons and a bag.

Twenty-one-year-old Thomas Walker kept Twitter updated on Brenda's status - and then someone knocked Brenda down.

But brits were having none of it, and posted signs where Brenda used to be. Oh, and they built a bunch of new mini snowpeople.

And then they created Brenda Version 2.0.

The community rallied together and even made a grave for the original Brenda

Walker told the Mail Online:

I’m not entirely sure why they did it. I think "Brenda" was first built to look like a woman had frozen to death because of the lack of buses.

I didn’t expect to get this reaction, but some have made me laugh saying "typical Britain".

His posts went viral and were shared thousands of times.


H/T Mail Online

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