Someone has tied a 'Get well soon' balloon to this dead raccoon

Picture: iStock

In an act that reassures you there are other people in the world with as dark a sense of humour as your own, someone in Boulder, Colorado came across a dead raccoon on the road, and promptly decided to be hilarious.

The joke was brought to the world's attention by journalist Sarah Kuta, and was subsequently picked up by local NBC news.

Maybe we're wrong and it was an innocent child who gave up their balloon as an act of kindness, not realising it was too late for the deceased mammal.

Nah. It was definitely someone being dark.

This is not the first time someone had made light of a dead raccoon. In 2015 a dead raccoon in Toronto received a full roadside memorial, complete well wishes, flowers and a photograph.

Perhaps these are early signs that the raccoons are being worshipped and will soon be elevated into positions of authority.

I for one welcome our new raccoon overlords.

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