Spain's new bus mascot has a very-NSFW name

Spain's new bus mascot has a very-NSFW name
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Spain's bus transit system has a new mascot - and the name is very not safe for work.

On Thursday (22 September), the city of Sabadell's transit system shared a video of the mascot, La Bussi, via the TikTok account @Petit_Sabadell.

The video was also shared on Twitter by viewers.

"La Bussi is the new mascot of the urban buses of #Sabadell," a translation of the video's caption reads.

The mascot was seemingly created to look like a Toy Story extraterrestrial, the Oogie Boogie, and a map all in one, and was seen dancing and hanging out with children and parents.

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La Bussi és la nova mascota dels busos urbans de #Sabadell. Vol acostar els més petits al transport públic. #estictokat #peratu #parati

The Bussi video confused Spanish citizens with its unconventional appearance. But in English-speaking countries, people were not just shocked by the bus' appearance.

The name had people wondering whether the company employs any gay people at all...

In recent years, "Bussy" has picked up steam as a portmanteau slang word for a man's anus ("boy" and "pussy").

One person on Twitter wrote: "Today in 'what the hell do you not employ a single gay person in your whole damn company?"

"That's not like any Bussi I've ever seen," another added.

A third wrote: "Name aside…you could never in a million years prepare yourself for what's about to walk off that bus."

Someone else who believe's Spain might have made a mistake added: "Spain is about to discover that they've made a grave mistake by not doing research on Bussy."

Paco López, the President of the TUS, said the name was slang of the Spanish words "¡Bus, sí!", which translates to "bus" and "yes" respectively in English.

López also believes this will foster positive associations with public transport in Sabadell's children.

Check out other reactions below.

Indy100 reached out to TUS for comment.

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