‘I will find you’: Mystery bean-spiller triggers bizarre NYC whodunnit

‘I will find you’: Mystery bean-spiller triggers bizarre NYC whodunnit

A mystery bean-spiller whose stairwell mess annoyed apartment-block residents has triggered a food-based whodunnit.

Instagram page WhatIsNewYork—created by SubwayCreatures founder Rick McGuire—is a page dedicated to all things that happen in New York City through the lens of New Yorkers.

The page recently shared a photo of a New York City apartment stairwell with a bean or soup container alongside what also appears to be little containers of dressing spilled on the steps.

Most people would hastily clean up after a mishap like that, but a back-and-forth posting of notes suggests the food debris was left for days - with the culprit still at large.

“To whoever spilled the beans, f*** you,” wrote Cecilia Reisner on a piece of paper in response to the mess. “Pick up after yourself.”

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“3 days ?!?! are you serious? Pick up after yourself. I’m tired of stepping over this,” said Reisner.

But a response posted on the wall was not the one she was clearly hoping for.

“It is I, the soup spiller … I’ll never clean up my mess, nor will I stop. Every two weeks, I’ll spill more soup. You’ve been warned. P.S. This is soup-er exciting.”

Does The Joker live in this apartment block?

Reisner had the best response to the movie villain-esque provocation.

“Dear soup spiller, I don’t know who you are or why you’re doing this, but I will find you, Reisner said. “I swear on this spilled soup that I will get you. My vendetta is inevitable and impossible to hinder. Your *** mine, b**** – Guardian of the Stairwell.”

Expect the passive aggressive war of words to continue until one side realizes the best use of their considerable efforts would be on grabbing a mop and bucket and just cleaning it up.

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