Spirit Halloween shares the most meta meme of all-time

Spirit Halloween shares the most meta meme of all-time
Halloween on the Scene

As people took to the internet to share memes of spoof Spirit Halloween costume ideas, the festive shop decided to join in on the fun.

On Wednesday (26 October), Spirit Halloween took to its official Twitter to share the costume idea of all time.

The post features the brand's standard orange costume packaging and a description of the costume accompanied by an image displayed on the front.

And it was of the "Spirit Halloween Store" itself.

The costume "includes" a "store sign for the abandoned building you take over," "the hopes and dreams of everyone whose childhood store you replaced," and "the will to exist for only three months."

"Is this too meta?" the company jokingly captioned the post.

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Naturally, people took to the comment section of the post to praise and pass jokes about the costume idea. They also shared what they find to be the ultimate meta thing the store can do.

One person wrote: "one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen."

"Wellp, this one's over. Well played, @SpiritHalloween, well played," another added," while a third wrote: "Found my costume!!"

A fourth added: "Now this is a worthy and scary costume."

Someone else added: "It's only too meta if a Spirit Halloween store has a giant Spirit Halloween store costume OVER it, and INSIDE the actual store, there [are] employees wearing the Spirit Halloween costume," another added.

This prompted Spirit Halloween to respond: " That's the most meta directly."

Check out other reactions below.

It's safe to say that the Halloween store is really in the meme spirit!

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