Hot or Cold Coffee? The Never Ending Debate

A Starbucks barista on TikTok tried the latest featured drink - and she was left gagging after trying the "traumatizing" creation.

Kay, who goes by @kayli.cernan on the platform, began her video by quizzically gazing at a list of featured drinks.

ff her video by looking at a list of featured drinks. She then makes the "cold brew with lemonade" drink with a look of distaste.

"New featured drink…… immediately no," read the TikTok video's caption.


new featured drink…… immediately no.

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People took the comments section of the post, particularly those who are also baristas who explained their dislike for the drink.

"At my job, we have this already, but we add mashed berries to it, and I've been told it tastes like tea. I hate it, though," one wrote, prompting Kay to respond: "No mashed berry could make this bearable."

"No, but when you sip, the first taste is kinda good, and then the long-lasting aftertaste is HELL," another added.

A third wrote: "It was traumatizing to try."

Someone else added: "I thought at first you were talking about salted caramel sweet cream, and I was like??? That's sounds good. Cold brew and lemonade is a no from me."

This is not the first time the drink stirred up controversy. It was roasted for being a "barista pick" in February.

According to a Reddit thread by one of the chain's baristas, barista picks are exclusively available to Starbucks Rewards Visa Card members eight times a year.

The -Reddit thread went viral as the coffee shop chain baristas claimed the drink was "a sick joke put out by corporation."

However, some people still came to the drink's defence, suggesting ways to make it taste better.

"Me and a couple other baristas at my store tried it and were pleasantly surprised. If our cold brew were fruitier, I'd like it more, but it wasn't bad, and we were prepared to hate it," one commented on Reddit.

"Blonde Shaken espresso with classic, sub lemonade, no dairy. It'll give you the citrusy, clean, and smooth taste Starbucks is trying to get from this," another added, while a third wrote that the drink "would be better with real lemon."

Someone else who suggests having an open mind about the drink added: "It's not for everyone. You have to have the right brands for it to taste good. Just have to have an open mind that a lot of Cafes around the world make strange things, but taste is amazing."

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