Starbucks custom drink that costs $50 for a single cup is roasted on TikTok

Starbucks custom drink that costs $50 for a single cup is roasted on TikTok

One Starbucks customer woke up and chose chaos - and decided to try to order a drink with an endless amount of add-ons that costs $50 for a single cup.

Fortunately, TikToker @instrumentality.project had enough points to cover the pricey order and asked his followers in the now-viral video: “Should I use my stars to order this monstrosity??”

So what exactly could be added into the order to make it so costly?

Well, when if you add, banana, along with pretty much any kind of drizzle, powders, chips, toppings, sprinkles and sauce available on the menu, then the cost is going to rack up. (Caramel Brulee sauce, chocolate malt and cinnamon powder, holiday sugar sparkles, and white chocolate mocha sauce but to name a few mentioned on the order).


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The screen recording shows the TikTok scrolling to the bottom of the Starbucks app where it said that the subtotal is $49.55, but after tax it totals to an eye-watering $53.95.

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Since posting their extreme order, the TikToker’s video has been viewed 2.8m times and gained over 245,000 likes, along with over a thousand comments from people sharing their thoughts on the customer’s demanding order.

One person wrote: “Barista here - i don’t think we’d even make it. not scientifically possible,” with a skull emoji.

“ Y [why] is no one talking abt [about] the price ????? $49????” Another person said, more concerned about the cost of the drink.

A second barista shared their thoughts, and replied: “Someone ordered a joke drink like this once and it literally crashed our system so yeah do it, give those poor baristas a break.”

Someone else commented: “How to ruin a barista’s day 101.”

“Literally why would u put a barista through that tho,” a fifth person added.

But what everyone wants to know is... did the TikToker manage to get his long-winded order?

Short answer - no, not quite.

In a follow-up video, the TikToker filmed himself at a Starbucks cafe where he tried to order the concoction but sadly for him, he was informed that they could not make the drink.

“They didn’t make the drink, but offered a replacement so I told them to fill it with espresso, Frappuccino chips and a banana,” he said in the update as he showed off the drink he received, with the sticker of his original order stuck to the cup.


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The clip then cut to the TikToker where he took a sip of the drink and commented: “Not bad tbh,” in text on the video.

Despite not getting the order he wanted, things seemed to have worked out for the TikToker, after he managed to get the stars he spent on the drink refunded.


Reply to @alpr4zol4m Should I try again with less bananas and espresso? 🤔 #coffee #starbucks #nyc #frapuccino #fyp #espresso

Though it seems he remains determined to attempt a similar order once more and wrote in the caption: “Should I try again with less bananas and espresso?”

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