Ex-Starbucks employee claims he pretended items weren’t in stock to make his day easier in viral TikTok

<p>(Left) The TikToker was pressing off the buttons (Right) He and his co-worker on the left  shushing</p>

(Left) The TikToker was pressing off the buttons (Right) He and his co-worker on the left shushing


A former Starbucks employee has claimed on TikTok that he made his workload lighter by pretending menu items weren’t available.

In the video, TikToker @mrleighteaches can be seen alongside a co-worker turn off the different products on screen to make them look like they were unavailable to purchase.

The former worker explained in the video text that he had done this “so it can be a slow day at work.”

At the end of the video, @mrleighteaches and his co-worker can be seen laughing at their antics and doing a shushing motion.

We can’t imagine their local customers were too impressed when they came across this...

Though the TikToker does not have to worry about losing his job over the stunt, as he explains in the video caption: “They can’t fire me if I already quit,” along with a skull emoji.

Since it was uploaded three days ago, the TikTok has been viewed over 175,000 times. You can watch the video in full here.

People flooded the comments, asking if this may be why their favourite Starbuck drink is never in stock.

One person wrote: “Is this why I can’t order my Refresher?!?!”

“So this is why my store says they’re out of caramel when I literally see them add caramel on drinks,” another person added.

“My Starbucks order is always out of blonde roast on the app but always has it when I order in stores lmao I know the truth now”, a fourth person replied.

The TikTok responded to the last comment saying: “Sometimes we have to turn off the blonde button when we clean our machines throughout the day.”

He also wrote in the comment section: “Yesterday was my last day cheers to being free from the bux.”

In a follow-up video, he addressed the people who left negative comments.

The TikToker responds to the negative comments on his previously videoTikTok/mrleighteaches

He wrote: “People pressed about my last video... but just so you know.”

Using a Kourtney Kardashian voiceover, @mrleighteaches mouthed her words: “We all have different priorities, and like, working, it’s just, it’s not my top priority.”

He then shows off his Starbucks shirt that says “Partner of the Quarter” and writes: “You don’t get this shirt without being amazing at what you do.” You can watch the video in full here.

According to Starbucks website, The Partner of the Quarter(POQ) award recognizes the significant contributions of eligible partners (cafe attendants, baristas, shift supervisors and shift managers).

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