TikToker leaves laptop in Starbucks at 'safest country in the world' in …

Let’s face it, the world is a pretty bleak place right now, so it’s nice to be reminded that good things can still happen to good people.

One TikTok user proved this by revealing how he earned himself a lifetime’s supply of treats during a recent trip to Starbucks.

Jontay Black explained that he’d been having a crappy day when he popped into a branch of the coffee chain at a North Carolina airport.

He decided to cheer himself up with a cold drink but… the staff kept getting his order wrong.

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This would send many of us into a spiral of exasperated fury, but not Jontay. Instead, he remained calm, respectful and empathetic throughout the encounter – and was rewarded for it handsomely.

In a video, which racked up almost 300,000 likes in four days, he explained that he hadn’t asked for anything “fancy”, just a strawberry lemonade. But his server was clearly a “new girl” who hadn’t yet grasped how to put an order in correctly so he was brought a coffee with strawberries in it.

“Long story short, they kept messing up the order, and I was just being polite, like, it’s ok, everybody has bad days, because I’ve been having a bad day my damn self,” he said.

But then, he continued: “When they finally got my order right, one of the execs came up and she’s like, ‘I’m an exec from Starbucks and I watched your experience from beginning to end, and you were so polite with our people that I’ve got something for you.”

He then brandished a branded envelope at the camera and said: “She gave me a lifetime Starbucks gift card. I just go and swipe it. Swipe and swipe and swipe it, no swipe-back.”


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Jontay ended the clip by taking a sip of his long-awaited strawberry lemonade, adding through smiles: “And I had a bad a** day, got a write-up at work. This made it. And my drink’s good.

“Shout-out to Starbucks for making my day.”

This generous serving of positive karma was met with delight by fellow TickTockers, with one writing: “This is the BEST advertisement to just Be KIND!! You deserve it!!”

Another admirer wrote: “You didn’t let your bad day ruin somebody else’s and for that you were blessed.”

A third said: “I've never been this jealous and happy for someone.”

While a fourth joked: “It’s hard watching people live your dreams.”

Personally, we find Jontay’s experience even more refreshing than a free icy drink.

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