Couple invite guests to Harry Potter-themed wedding in Metaverse in world's first
Dinesh Kshatriyan

A bride-to-be has sparked a debate after sharing her list of strict wedding rules with TikTok.

Taking to the platform, TikTok user @cruzjasmine824 showcased her ten golden rules to ensure her special day runs to plan. First and foremost, no kids.

"I don't want kids running around unattended, their parents no watching," she explained. "That will absolutely not be happening."

"Most of my siblings are under the age of 15," she added. "So, they can come, along with some out of towners who genuinely cannot get babysitters for the full weekend because they have to travel…They gotta be watching them, though."

As to guests wearing white, this is a "plain and simple" no – unless they want her bridesmaids to "dump a whole bottle of red wine" on them.

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Another rule read: "If you weren't invited, you're not welcome."

"I will specifically write on the invitation how many plus ones you get, and that's it," she explained. "Don't be bringing no random people."

The "garter thing" is also a big no-no. For the blissfully unaware, it's a piece of bridal lingerie worn under the wedding dress.

The groom removes it with his teeth or hands during the reception and tosses it into the crowd. One rule guests can get on board with is taking advantage of the free bar, though she strictly bans "big announcements."

"If you want to propose, keep that to yourself," she explained. "Do not come to my wedding day, taking the attention away from me and my man. You will be tackled."

These are my very real wedding rules I’ll be doing at my wedding this year ! #greenscreen #wedding #elfitup #latinabride #latinowedding


These are my very real wedding rules I’ll be doing at my wedding this year ! #greenscreen #wedding #elfitup #latinabride #latinowedding

These are my very real wedding rules I’ll be doing at my wedding this year ! #greenscreen #wedding #elfitup #latinabride #latinowedding

The viral clip has since racked over 1.7 million views and was inundated with hundreds of comments jumping to the bride's defence.

One fellow TikToker called it "the best wedding ever." "Kids don't even like weddings," one highlighted. "I don't know why people get mad when kids aren't allowed."

Another pointed out the "disturbing" garter tradition, saying: "Love the no garter rule, it's a really disturbing thing to do in front of family." One user, however, wasn't on board with her plus-one rule.

They said: "Why do people not want people at their wedding the more the merrier like why not why tf you gotta be so damn stingy and rude."

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