Student goes viral after accidentally handing in paper featuring her professor's rude nickname

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Handing in a test sheet or a major essay can be a nerve wracking experience.

However, as long as you've got everything in order, have run spellcheck through it at least a dozen times and checked that it actually makes sense, then you should be fine, right?

Then you realise that there is one mistake that you've forgotten about, a huge mistake which could mean you flunk the test altogether.

That's exactly what happened to a student from Ohio named Zoey Oxley. She hadn't gotten a question horribly wrong or failed to explain her working properly.

No, she completely got her professor's name wrong. Not only did she get it wrong she used the rather unflattering nickname; 'Professor whats his nuts.'

She only realised this after she had submitted the paper and then sent a grovelling email to Professor Hendel (to give him his real name) apologising for what had happened.

Zoey then tweeted what had happened but luckily for her there was a pleasant twist at the end.

Yes, fortunately Professor Handel, who teaches playwriting on Ohio's theatre program saw the funny side and wasn't angry in the slightest.

He's even changed his twitter name to 'Professor whats his nuts.'

Phew! What a relief.

Now that Zoey's original tweet has become a viral hit others have been sharing similar stories that are as equally traumatic.

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