Subway worker who put deli meat on a toilet seat for viral video stunt is fired

Subway worker who put deli meat on a toilet seat for viral video stunt is fired

A Subway employee was fired after he filmed himself wrecking the restaurant for a video, it was reported.

Jumanne Way worked for the sandwich chain when he set up also set up other stunts, including placing deli meat on a toilet seat and also opening bottles of sealed Gatorade and taking sips out of them before putting them back on display.

He also made his feelings about the company very clear but shouting “F**k Subway” as he chucked some bread on the floor and stepped over it.

Way’s videos soon got attention when one of them was reshared to Reddit’s “Am I a total piece of sh*t” subreddit with the title “Subway Worker Walks on Food For Clout” and proceeded to get upvoted over 20,000 times with Way getting roasted in the comment section.

One person wrote: “What did he achieve by doing this....?”

“Soon to be former Subway worker,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Every time I see videos like these, I lose my faith in humanity little by little.”

“That’s actually rank, I hope he lost his job,” a fourth person replied.

After this, another video of Way’s - the one where he puts deli meat on the toilet seat - was posted to same subreddit with the title: “the same Subway worker who were stepping on food, now put food on the toilet,” and this also received 20,000 upvotes along with the content creator receiving backlash once more.

With all the negative reaction surrounding his videos, Way has explained the reasons behind his actions.

He told Daily Mail: “Unfortunately, I’m a content creator, so I create controversial videos to be able to potentially monetize my audience on YouTube and other social media platforms.”

Although the content creator was worried about being convicted of a crime, it didn’t seem to put him off in the end and added that it was “a decision I made over time.”

Way goes on to explain that he was “willing to take a higher risk for a higher reward.”

In a statement, a Subway spokesperson told Indy100: “Subway and our network of franchisees take health and food safety extremely seriously and don’t condone any behavior that violates our strict policies in these areas.

“While Subway restaurants are individually owned and operated, we have confirmed with the franchisee of this location that the employee was immediately terminated after he learned of the employee’s actions.”

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