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Artificial intelligence software programmed to decipher the Zodiac Killer’s encrypted code has taken to penning bizarre and (frankly) scary poetry.

Created by AI and linguistics expert Keven Knight, the software - known as CARMEL - has been trying to solve one of the most unbreakable ciphers in history.

The identity of the Zodiac Killer, who was notoriously active in the 1960s and claimed to killed as many as 37 people during his spree, is still unknown.

Messages using ciphers, abstract symbols and code were sent by the Zodiac Killer to taunt the local media and police department. One of the final codes, the Z340, was sent to The San Francisco Chronicle in 1969 and remains unsolved.

Knight fed all the information currently available abut the Zodiac Killer, including details of their alleged kills, to CARMEL in the hopes that it would be able to work out the code.

Instead, Historyreveals, it’s been writing some weird poetry.

Part of its programming allows it to create complex verse. You can set up some structural instructions like alliteration or rhyme.

Here’s what CARMEL’s typical poetry is like, with all the stored information about the Zodiac Killer:

Surrounded by the troubled, by the thieving,

Confused and bruised and poisoned by the master,

Confused and blinded by the helpless scheming,

Confused and blinded by the dreadful slander…


Through the taxi and the prison break,

Alone and angry at a brutal murder.

Surrounded by an artificial lake,

Never a convicted murderer…



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