TalkTV host snaps back at anti-monarchist on air

TalkTV host James Whale is not one to hold his tongue during a debate and one heated argument with an anti-monarchist proved that yet again.

While hosting his talk radio show this past week, Whale defended the UK's celebration of Queen Elizabeth II and criticized Celtic fans who protested the Queen's death during a match.

During a Championship League match on Thursday, Celtic fans unveiled a banner that said "f*** the crown" leading to backlash.

Among those who called out the fans for the offensive message was Whale.

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But when a caller named Tony defended their anti-monarchy protest, Whale was having none of it.

"Why is [the Queen dying] so important to you?" Tony from Scotland asked Whale. "Why are you so self-serving to someone you don't even know?"

The TalkTV radio host snapped back, "Sod off, go away, don't call me again I can't stand you, you disgust me."

The video of Whale arguing with the caller gained traction on social media where people commented on the debate.

"Can’t handle an opinion," a Twitter user wrote.

"What kinda talk show is it when people are only allowed to agree with the host or they’ll throw a fit," Scott responded.

Whale also called the anti-monarchy Celtic fans, "low life scumbags from Scotland".

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