Woman's regret after tattoo tribute to mum ended up looking like it was drawn on with 'crayons'

Pete Davidson has tattooed 'My Girl Is a Lawyer' on his body ...

When getting a tattoo, everyone has a perfect idea in mind of what they want it to look like - but on some occasions, the reality doesn't match the vision, as one woman found out...

Shelby Byran (@shelbycbryan) a make-up artist from Houston, Texas wanted to pay tribute to her mother by getting her mum's lip print tattooed on her wrist, in overlay text she wrote: "I wanted a tattoo of my mum's lip print... don't ask idek (I don't even know) either."

For the design, Bryan had gotten a stencil by getting her mum to press her lips (with bright lipstick on them of course) onto a piece of paper so that the tattoo artist had a clear vision of what Bryan wanted"

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However, that didn't quite turn out to be the case as the tattoo artist wasn't able to perfect the design to match the stencil, leaving Bryan with a tattoo that looked like it had been drawn on with "crayola markers," The Daily Star reported.

"Tattoo gone wrong," Bryan admitted in the caption, the final product wasn't what she had in mind.


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Since sharing her tattoo fail, Bryan's video has received 258,600 views, along with over 21,000 likes and dozen of comments from people who also agreed that her tattoo artist messed up the design.

One person wrote: "Ma’am it looks like crayola markers."

"Ma’am that is marker," another person said.

Someone else added: "I hope you did not pay for this."

"Say that you didn't pay for this," a fourth person also replied.

It's not the first time Bryan has heard comments like this as she replied to one and wrote: "I’ve had this tattoo for about 3 years now. I’m a makeup artist too & people tell me all the time they think it’s makeup that got on my wrist."

Not everyone was convinced the tattoo was the real deal and someone commented: "Wait a damn minute I know yall ain’t actually believing this -"

In response, Bryan then posted two videos of her tattoo - only this time she proved it was legit since in one video she rubbed it with her fingers and then showed the design hadn't come off like it would have done if it were a marker.


Reply to @tortoisemelon yes it’s a horrible tattoo I’m aware of how it looks, planning either to get it fixed, covered up or removed! it’s real yall

For the second video, she used cleansing wipes along with soap and water to prove that the lip print was inked onto her body and in the caption wrote: "Yes it’s a horrible tattoo I’m aware of how it looks, planning either to get it fixed, covered up or removed! It’s real yall."

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