Why are Taylor Swift fans celebrating the results of Chile's presidential election?

Why are Taylor Swift fans celebrating the results of Chile's presidential election?

Gabriel Boric is set to become Chile's youngest President after he won a presidential runoff election on Sunday—and Taylor Swift fans couldn’t be happier.

The excitement for the 35-year-old leftist’s victory is for more than just his political beliefs because as it turns out, he’s actually a dedicated Swiftie himself.

Since news broke that Boric was a Taylor Swift fan, the rest of the Swift fandom has taken him in with open arms.

“FUN FACT: The Swiftie candidate for the presidency of Chile, @gabrielboric has won the elections! He shares that he discovered @TaylorSwift1 during the pandemic and that his favorite album is ‘Folklore,’” read one tweet.

In the photos, Boric can be seen wearing Swift’s merch—her infamous cardigan—alongside a tweet of his that reads “I feel #Swiftie.” The other photo also shows him smiling while holding a photo of Swift photoshopped to look like Jesus.

The tweet has since garnered 2.9K retweets and 10.4K likes.

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Hey, if there’s one thing Swifties are, it’s dedicated.

In the replies, on Chilean fan wrote of Boric’s ideals, “We are amazingly happy because he rejects the dictatorship of Pinochet and he accepts all diversity and he is just 36 years old, he has fought for a fair Chile for many years...”

Many fans have since joined in on celebrating Boric and have shared tweets of their own.

“Chile's 35-year-old left-wing presidential nominee Gabriel Boric is heavily backed by Taylor Swift fans,” read one tweet.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Wishing all the luck in the world today to Gabriel Boric. The progressive, Taylor Swift loving, tree climbing, metal-loving candidate for president of Chile.”

“The new socialist president of Chile singing Taylor Swift. The country is in impeccable hands,” reads another tweet.

One person summed it up best, “Swifties dominating the world just like our queen, we love to see it!”

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