Pandemic, supply staff shortages taking toll on teachers

A teacher was shocked when she heard a scratching noise coming from one of her student's backpacks and discovered a live animal.

On TikTok, the user @lifeisbetterlaughingg posted a video of herself going through the cabinet full of backpacks and eventually stumbled upon the culprit.

The text overlay of the video read, “While the kids were at gym, my co-teacher and I were working silently on computers.

“We heard scratching sounds over and over so we had to investigate all the backpacks," it continued.


Just when I thought teaching through a pandemic couldn’t get any more hectic… this happened. #loveyourjob #teaching #kids #coworkers #laugh #scared #viral #trending #work #teacher #love #humor

In the video one of the women could be heard saying, “I think it’s a live turtle. Look in the back part of his backpack," causing the other shocked teacher looking through the bags to reply: “No!”

The woman filming then pans the camera to the turtle concelead inside of the backpack, “The poor thing. Why is it in there? Oh my god! What do we do?”

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As the clip continues, another teacher can be seen coming in to help remove it from the bag. She laughs and says that the little boy has been speaking to her about the turtle “for about half an hour," though she was unaware that the animal was actually in his bag.

In the end, they were safely able to make get the turtle out of the backpack and place it in a plastic tray.

Many people laughed about the absurdity of the situation in the comments.

“My child will do this one day. I just know it," said one person.

Another added: “Meanwhile mom is back at home freaking out trying to figure out what she’s going to tell her kid because she can’t find the turtle.”

And a third wrote: “tell me you’re a kindergarten teacher without telling me you’re a kindergarten teacher.”

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