Guess which GOP politician showed up maskless to Bob Dole’s funeral

Guess which GOP politician showed up maskless to Bob Dole’s funeral

The funeral of the late former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole was attended by many of his peers in Congress.

Dole, who had announced in February he was being treated for advanced lung cancer, passed away on December 5th.

President Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Hanks and more gathered to honor Dole’s funeral on Friday, at an event that was - due to Dole making it the grand age of 98 - filled with a lot of very old people.

But there was one individual in particular present at the event who has been getting tons of attention for noticeably being one of the only people without a face mask: Ted Cruz

“Almost everyone else is wearing a mask at Bob Doles funeral, but not …..” wrote Molly-Jong Fast on Twitter.

“So many people wearing masks at bob doles funeral because it’s a confined space filled with elderly people,” she added in a follow-up tweet.

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“The only place he wore a mask was when he went to Cancun not because it was mandated but because he was hoping people wouldn't recognize him,” read a tweet in response.

Another wrote, “He's not there to pay respects. He's there for photos like this one that appeals to his base and endangers people around him.”

Another took aim at his choice of funeral attire: “Yep. Cruz's even wearing an electric blue suit so he'll "pop" in photos amidst the crowd in more traditional black. Yeah, black is no longer de rigueur for funerals but he COULD have respected the solemnity of the occasion by wearing a more subdued color like grey or navy blue.”

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