<p>Christina Aguilera (left) and Ashley Tisdale (right) in TikToker Carly’s video about bad fashion trends from two decades ago</p>

Christina Aguilera (left) and Ashley Tisdale (right) in TikToker Carly’s video about bad fashion trends from two decades ago


With halter tops, baguette bags and velour tracksuits from the 2000s seemingly coming back into fashion, one TikToker has decided that we should also be reminded of the decade’s fashion faux pas.

And, let’s face it, there were a LOT of them.

While we can all appreciate the return of certain trends, Carly Aquilino (@fashiongirl42069) wants “an open discussion” about brutal crimes against fashion committed by all of us and our favourite celebrities two decades ago.


#greenscreen let’s have a real talk about Y2K

In her TikTok, she begins: “I absolutely love that Y2K style is coming back but there is some cherry-picking going on...

“When I think about Y2K, I don’t think crop tops and halter tops and low rise jeans only... I think about how we really wore every accessory at the same time,” she said, stifling laughter.

Images of Disney star Ashley Tisdale from back in the day, wearing some loud prints and a lot of accessories, appear on screen .

She added: “I think about how we wore jeans under skirts and dresses. We walked out the house like this. We said ‘I’m going out with my friends.”

“One of the biggest accessories, most popular accessories at the time were these comically large belts,” Olivia continued, displaying two images of Kim Kardashian before her reality show days.

“We wore these for no reason. Every day. The outfit – no matter what you were wearing – you wore You wore the belt.”

She goes on to describe the hat trend as “the most suspicious accessory that we had,” with an photo of Christina Aguilera wearing a bright pink hat, along with a crop top, cargo shorts and pink boots...

People loved Carly’s hilarious fashion analysis, with the video having more than 1.1m likes and 20,000 comments agreeing with Carly’s thoughts on Y2K style.

Miley Cyrus (left) and Gwen Stefani (right) also featured in Carly’s TikTok about bad fashion choice in the 2000sTikTok/fashiongirl42069

One person said: “Why was everything sequined. The bag. The stretchy belts. THAT. WE LAYERED. WHY.”

“People putting way too much aesthetic on a godless period. Y2K era was a godless time in fashion and I loved every minute of it,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “It was like we hit the randomize button on a Sims game.”

While others offered up other iconic fashion trends at the time.

One person said: “okay but what ABOUT OUR SKINNY SCARVES?!”

“DON’T FORGET THE VESTS,” another person added.

Someone else replied: “The sequin bag that everyone wanted though.”

Turns out nostalgia isn’t always as good as we think...

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