Woman raised $28,000 to change a homeless man's life after walking past him everyday

Facebook / This is Victor

Victor Hubbard was abandoned by his mother on a street corner in Texas three years ago, and spent every day sitting on the grass waiting for her to come back for him. He has family nearby, but they refused to help him.

Local mum Ginger Jones, however, noticed Hubbard, and she gradually got to know him as she stopped to talk.

Then, she decided to help. The police wouldn’t do anything, so Jones set up a Facebook page called This is Victor, to explain Hubbard’s situation.

The page went viral, and Jones has since raised more than $28,000 through a GoFundMe page, to help pay for Victor’s healthcare because he has mental health problems.

Jones also invited Hubbard to move into her home with her family. Hubbard now works with Jones at her cookery school, and he's also picked up another part-time job in a burger restaurant.

Hubbard, who is 32, was even reunited with his mum, but the meeting was short-lived.

Nevertheless, it seems Hubbard is enjoying his new life:

The community have come together to get Hubbard a bike, a phone, dental work and more.

Here he is getting glasses that the GoFundMe page raised money for:

Jones said in a video:

I’ve told Victor that as far as in concerned he’s in my life forever, I told him until we’re dead, I’m here. We’re family.

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