Man pranks wife into thinking that their Thanksgiving turkey was pregnant

Man pranks wife into thinking that their Thanksgiving turkey was pregnant
Man plays Thanksgiving prank on wife telling her turkey was pregnant

Before the Thanksgiving festivities could really kick off, a man pranked his wife into believing that the turkey they were about to prepare was pregnant.

In a TikTok video uploaded to the platform by the @thecordlefamily, Hunter, the husband, had a joke up his sleeve about the main course.

Within the clip, Hunter called out to his wife, Devin to take a look at the surprise in the kitchen.

He also panned the camera over to show the whole, uncooked turkey with what appeared to be a raw chicken or small turkey placed at the end to give the illusion of a poult.

“You’re not going to freaking believe this,” Hunter said. Come look at what I just pulled out of this huge turkey.”

Devin, who seemed to be apprehensive about what she was about to see, said: “I don’t know if I want to see it, honey.”

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But as soon as Devin entered the kitchen, Hunter shouted out that it was “a baby,” which shocked her.

Devin continued asking Hunter if he was serious, to which he said he was.

“I just pulled it out of here. It’s like full-term,” Hunter added.

Devin, who now appeared to be teary-eyed, said it was “terrible” and asked why Hunter wasn’t sad about it.

And Hunter quipped that it was because they got a “good deal” on the turkey.

The couple continued to go back and forth about the turkey case until Devin suggested they contact the store where they purchased it.

Devin said: “We need to tell them that they don’t need to kill pregnant ones.”

Unable to contain his laughter at this point, Hunter asked Devin if they should cook both turkeys.

And when Devin said no, which was met with Hunter asking “which one” they should prepare, Devin said they should cook the mom.


Devin — WHO WOULD WE CALL 🤣🤣🤣 #hunteranddevin #prank #turkeyday #thanksgiving #funny #coupletok

In a follow-up video, Hunter revealed the details of his prank, sharing that the baby turkey was actually a chicken.

Once viewers saw the video, they couldn’t help but express how adorable and funny they thought the whole situation was.

One person wrote: “Ohhh bless her heart (I probably would have had the same reaction in the moment).”

“Dude, your wife is so hilarious. She needs to [patent] her facial expressions!!” another added while a third wrote: “Why did I wonder if this could happen while forgetting they lay eggs?!?!?”

Someone else added: “Oh my gosh, the way she said “the mommm” don’t you cook that baby!"

Hunter and Devin regularly share wholesome content about family life with their daughter, shopping, hilarious impersonations of characters like the Grinch, and more.

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