These are the 10 most popular sexual fetishes in the UK

Picture: Channel 4
Picture: Channel 4

A YouGov survey of 2,073 UK adults for Channel 4 has revealed the top ten fetishes in the UK.

Sex toys came on top nationwide, and the sex toy capital was found to be Fleet in Hampshire, where more vibrators per capita are sold than anywhere else in the country.

The top ten fetishes were:

1. Sex toys
3. Sexy selfies
4. Threesomes
5. Material fetishism (latex/rubber)
6. Uniforms
7. Humiliation
8. Body fetishes
9. Watersports
10. Cross dressing

Forty-six per cent of UK adults said that the thought of having a threesome turned them on, while 13 per cent said they had engaged in one previously.

Nineteen per cent said that they had sent a 'sexy selfie' to turn themselves on, while vibrators were found to be the bestselling sexual item in the country.

The North East was found to be the kinkiest part of the country especially with regards to leather and kitchen utensils.

The survey was carried out for Channel 4's The Great British Sex Survey, which aired on Thursday to the delight of Twitter:

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