The 11 hardest fails of 2015

There's been controversial physio-firings, Clarkson's fists, and, of course, Piggate: yes, 2015 has been a year filled with extremely memorable moments.

These, however, are the year's fails that shall rise high above them all.

Naturally, we begin with an epic stage fall.

1. U2's The Edge goes over the edge

Dave Grohl's leg-breaking anticsMadonna's Brits tumbleHarry Styles being a pillock
2. Donald Trump

Not one moment specifically, more just everything he's done, from his derogatory comments about Heidi Klum to stating all muslims should be banned; it's almost like the pantomime villain – sorry, presidential candidate – has gone out of his way to troll the world.

3. Good Morning Sacramento's Cara Delevingne interview

She was tired and a little irritable, sure. But actress Cara Delevingne didn't deserve that patronising third-degree from the Californian news anchors. Watch with clenched fists.

4. Usain Bolt gets taken out by a photographer on a segway


5. Fantastic Four

It was 20th Century Fox's second stab at launching Marvel's Fantastic Four comic book series on the big screen... and they monumentally ballsed it up. Among the swathe of terrible reviews, perhaps "depressingly mediocre" summed it up best.

6. Heinz's saucy barcode

What's a year without a marketing blunder? There's been a few (Bloomingdale's suggestion that people should spike their best friend's eggnog being particularly memorable), but our favourite goes to Heinz whose expired QR code took a German man to a porn site who had since taken the domain name. Oops.

7. The graffiti in Homeland

The 2015 award for 'People Who Most Took Their Eye Off The Ball' goes to the production design team working on US television series Homeland. Turns out hiring Arabic graffiti artists is only a good idea if they don't think your TV show is racist...

8. ITV's Lenny Henry gaffe


9. John Travolta at the Oscars... again

ever-hilarious screw-up of singer Idina Menzel's name

10. Diving fail

Everyone loves a 'Hold My Beer' video so it was only right we racked our brains and included a highlight from the year. The deserving victor is this guy who merely wants to show off his diving skills but chose the wrong apparatus to do that on.

11. Krishnan Guru-Murthy riles Robert Downey Jr

Interview walkouts are a thing of awkward beauty. The best of this year came via Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy who decided to overlook Robert Downey Jr's Avengers sequel to instead grill him about his troubled past. That's why you don't send a newsreader to interview Hollywood actors.

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